• Final Profession of 2019-2020 batch August 13,2020
  • Academic Year 2020-2021 Inauguration August 1,2020
  • CMC widens her mission internationally- Iraq, Peru etc.
  • Carmel Jyothi Vidyabhavan in her Golden Jubilee Year (2019-2020)

New Ventures

New Ventures


St. Chavara was a man of new initiatives. In Kerala, it was he who dreamt about the possible transformation that education can bring about in individuals, families and the society at large. As a result he planned and shaped a number of educational activities. His adventurous steps to educate the low class people with the upper class was indeed an invocation to the educational attempts in Kerala.

It was St. Chavara, who initiated schools in connection with the parish church. He also introduced the noon meal programme, Sanskrit School for the children of the common man etc. He was a man of insight and became conscious of the decisive role of education in enlightening the society. He envisaged an abode of virtues for raising the standard of oppressed women. This vision came true in the formation of CMC. He realised the importance of good role models in moulding dynamic women and the religious. As a result Edukkumdats for girl children were begun. He advised the sisters to look after the education and character formation of these girls. He reminds us in the Testament of a Loving Father, as soon as the children come to the age of reason they must be sent to school. Besides, parents should be enquiring whether and how the children study and behave and who their companions are. Their studies should be tested every Sunday.     CMC has gone far in the field of education gathering strength and inspiration from the great vision of her founder fathers. We have generously set apart our human and material resources for progress in this field.      

Rehabilitation of street people                                         

Today taking inspiration from their founder father St. Chavara, CMC stepped into various fields to fulfill the needs and challenges of the society.Sister Arpitha has been instrumental in cutting a new road (2005) in carrying out the ministry as a sister: she looks out for the people on the streets, she takes steps to rehabilitate the mentally sick who are abandoned (Kanivu), she journeys with married women who have been abandoned by their husbands or are victims of domestic abuse, she counsels people who are on the verge of divorce; she help young women to find jobs and settle themselves,(Rachel Home); She looks after the bed ridden etc(MarianHospice). 

Direct Evangelization:

Siters of CMC spent btheir lives for direct evenagelisation. Like the disciples of Jesus CMC sisters also stated to preech gospel. the sisters who got special call for this has unique life style and they going out everyday by walking  and meet people, tallk to them about the love of God and preech Gospel to them. 


For the Transgenders:

the people of third gender was abandoned by the society and it is a field to take care of. CMC Ernakulam Vimala province had a new initiative of the rehabilitation of transgenders and it is well appreciated by all. They  had prepared a house for the transgenders to stay and go for study and job and also sisters are trying for their settlement.